How to Keep Your Healthy Lifestyle Whilst on Vacation in Patong


If you have been keeping up with your diet and healthy lifestyle but always seem to lose focus when you go on vacation, then you have come to the right place. It can be so difficult to keep up healthy eating whilst on vacation, never mind exercising. Patong has many choices of restaurants and places to exercise so you can keep a healthy balanced diet and exercise, all whilst having an amazing time! Here is how you can maintain your healthy lifestyle whilst on vacation in Patong.

The Best Restaurants and Bars

Whilst staying in Patong, you have many choices in the type of food you consume. There are many bars and restaurants around Patong if you want to venture away from your hotel bar. The important thing to remember is although you are on vacation, it doesn’t mean you need to choose the unhealthiest thing on the menu. Firstly, choosing a restaurant that offers fresh food is the best way to ensure what you are consuming is good for you. This Italian restaurant Patong uses fresh local ingredients to provide guests with amazing cuisine. Choosing Italian doesn’t have to mean pizza or pasta; there is a wide range of healthy choices such as seafood and steak!


Around Patong, there are plenty of ways to get in some exercise. Many of the hotels will have a fitness suite in which you could get in a quick 20-minute run before you begin your day with your family or partner. If you are on vacation with your partner, you could go together, and this is a great way to ensure you both stick to a routine. Swimming is a fantastic whole-body workout and whilst on vacation, everyone loves a dip in the pool! Using your downtime to swim a few laps up and down the pool is a simple way to get in some exercise without even realizing!

Excursions and Activities

There are many excursions around Patong, which will require walking. Many of us do not realize how much walking we actually do when we are on vacation! Walking is still a great form of exercise and you would be surprised at how many calories we use whilst walking around new places whilst on a vacation. If you don’t already have one, try using a pedometer on your phone to see how many steps you rack up in a day around Patong. If you and your family or partner are adventurous, you may want to take part in some of the water sports that are available on the beaches at Patong. This is another great way to stay active whilst having a great time. Scuba diving is a fab way to meet some sea creatures and work out those muscles too. When you are finished, you can even have a Thai massage on the beach to ensure that you aren’t too sore.

Going on vacation doesn’t mean you need to lose your routine. It is all about finding the best places and getting in some exercise as and when you can, such as in the swimming pool or the sea.


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