Nigiri and Yakisoba: 2 Underrated Japanese Dishes You’re Sleeping On in 2019


Stop missing out on some of the most delicious Japanese dishes and check out these two amazing options available at RB Sushi.

Did you know that 32% of Americans prefer Japanese food over any other choices? They even prefer it over the stereotypes of pizza and hamburgers. Over the last few decades, Japanese cuisine has exploded in popularity across the country. However, most people are still only familiar with a handful of dishes. While California rolls, miso soup, and teriyaki chicken are delicious, here are two excellent Japanese dishes you need to try today.


Usually, when we think of sushi, rolls are what people have in mind. Chefs have created some truly amazing combinations from the simple cucumber roll to the incredible Fire Fire, which includes a mixture of shrimp tempura, crab and avocado with a touch of salmon on top. But if you really want to get a feel for authentic Japanese, then you need to mix in some nigiri.

Nigiri refers to a combination of sushi rice and protein. The term actually means pressed, referring to how the ingredients are arranged. Most commonly, people try dishes like salmon or tuna nigiri, but there are so many great options out there like sea urchin and barbecue eel. What makes nigiri so amazing is that it’s usually the perfect combination of flavor, texture, and freshness, while also being incredibly healthy. Nigiri is rich is Omega-3 (healthy fats) that promote better cardiovascular health and improved cognition.


Yakisoba is a classic Japanese comfort food. Some people feel like they’re never full when they eat Japanese cuisine. This is because they’ve never had Yakisoba. Yakisoba is one of the most popular street foods in Tokyo. It’s the perfect combination of noodles, fresh vegetables, and your protein of choice. All of this is zestily prepared and nearly flash-fried, giving it an amazing flavor and texture.

However, what gives the dish its all-around appeal is the Yakisoba sauce. This amazing sauce is like the equivalent of ketchup and French fries. Separately, both are pretty good. But together, they form the perfect flavor combination. The sauce is slightly sweet, savory with a touch of umami, creating a delicious taste profile you’ll just have to experience for yourself.

Bonus: Hand Rolls

Hand rolls are an excellent twist on the classic sushi roll. With them, you get the exciting combination of ingredients you can find in rolls, but with a different presentation. Everything is served in a nori (seaweed) cone, which creates a different and tasty flavor that gives you a new spin on some of your traditional favorites. Try out a salmon skin handroll, which pairs the delicious crispiness of salmon with bonito flakes and fresh gobo root.

Try Something New the Next Time You Go Out for Japanese

Looking to try something new for dinner tonight? Japanese cuisine is always the right choice. No matter what you choose, you really can’t go wrong. There is at least one thing for each person’s taste palette, from fresh fish to zesty barbecue and so much more. So if you are looking for the perfect meal, order a selection of nigiri choices along with some delicious Yakisoba. This amazing combination is sure to send you to flavor heaven.

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