How to Avoid Food Catering Cancellation for a Party 


It’s frustrating when you already prepared for an incoming party for your catering business when the customer suddenly cancels. It could mean losses for your business. Even if you didn’t buy the ingredients yet, you already blocked off the date. You declined other potential customers because you thought the event would go ahead. These are some ways to avoid food catering cancellation for the party.

Sign a binding agreement 

You don’t need to worry about cancellation if you have a binding agreement. This document has the signature of both parties. It contains the penalties for cancellation beyond a specific date. If the customer disagrees with the contract, you don’t have to push forward with the partnership. The agreement should also contain details about date changes. Some customers don’t necessarily want the cancellation of the event. However, they didn’t foresee the unfortunate circumstances. You can allow the rescheduling of the event and let go of the fines. It’s better than cancelling the entire transaction.

Be consistent 

When offering catering services, you should be consistent. Your customers will leave reviews, and you want them to say something good about your business. If there are terrible reviews online, your future customers might change their minds. They won’t want to pursue a partnership with you when they think it could end in a disaster.

Stick with the same suppliers and be consistent in your measurements of ingredients for every dish. For instance, if you use coconut oil, you need to partner with the same supplier. If you change partners, you won’t get the same quality. The best option is to buy coconut oil in bulk from reliable suppliers like, so you will have whatever you need for the catering service.

Keep in touch with the client

Always keep in touch with your client even if the event is weeks ahead. It allows you to determine if there are potential changes in the original agreement. It also shows that you care about the success of the event and want to ensure that all the guests will have something great to eat. Your passion and concern are among the reasons why your customers won’t cancel the transaction.

Deliver as expected

Your customers expect you to deliver as promised. If you said that you would show up at 3 pm even if the event starts two hours later, you should do it. If you pledged to serve five different dishes and bring staff to deal with every dish, you have to do it. Your customers will feel disappointed if you keep apologising on the day of the event because you didn’t provide what you promised from the beginning.

The worst part is when these customers place their negative reviews online. It could severely impact your business. People might think that even if you have something good to offer, the company isn’t trustworthy. Some customers might be particular about the taste of the dishes, but others just want something to serve. If you couldn’t even deliver the basics, it could be over for your company.

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