What First Time Buyers Should Know When Purchasing Car Insurance


Car insurance is something that every driver needs in order to operate a motor vehicle. Period. As a first-time car owner, it’s up to you to get a policy that will cover you and your car on the road. But there is a challenge to finding cheap car insurance ashland va and many first time buyers may not have all the best car insurance tips for identifying the right policy to fit their needs.

We’re going to take the guesswork out of buying car insurance coverage by taking you through all of the basics that should be considered as you shop around from one company to the next.

Shopping Around

And that’s where we’re going to start. First time buyers should always shop around for the best coverage. With so many insurance companies out there, they all claim to have the best prices for the most coverage at the highest limits. But this just isn’t true. Not every insurance company is the same, nor is every driver. What you require for a policy won’t be the same that some other driver’s needs.

That’s important to remember when you start comparing rates. When you’re comparing rates, be sure you get plenty of quotes. The more quotes you get, the better prepared you are to find the right company with the best coverage.

Defining the Best Coverage

When you start shopping for a policy, you will quickly discover there are so many coverage options available to you. But you need to know what works and what does not for your vehicle, your driving habits, and your driving record.

These are the factors that will determine which coverage is right for you and accuracy is important here because being underinsured is almost as bad as having no insurance at all. You can still be on the hook financially for a significant cost out of pocket should you be the responsible party in an accident where there is a loss or damage to a vehicle and injury or even loss of life to another person.

Your Premiums

Everyone wants to pay less for insurance. There are so many other things we’d rather spend our money on that are more fun and exciting than car insurance. But as a policy is a necessity for driving safely on the road, you want to find coverage that won’t leave you exposed but also won’t have you shelling out big bucks for the privilege of their protection.

There are ways to lower your premiums while maintaining the coverage you need. An excellent driving record is perhaps the best way to ensure that your costs are kept down. The amount you pay for your policy each year is based on risk. Risk is a driving factor in determining your premiums as any insurer is going to need to decide how likely you or another driver are to file a claim which will result in your insurer having to pay for that claim.

Insurance companies don’t want to pay out on claims so they are going to charge you more for coverage to account for those potential costs. Simply put, if the insurance companies consider you a higher risk, they are going to charge you more for coverage, that is, if you can even get covered.

Where first time buyers are concerned, you can mitigate some of the risk by making smart decisions about your coverage. But insurance companies are going to automatically view as a higher risk if you are young and you just got your driver’s license. A 16-year-old driver who has recently passed their driver’s test is going to be viewed as a high risk because you have no record. The insurer will refer to demographics and statistics to consider how much to charge you for premiums. Where you live can have an impact on increasing or reducing your premiums. The type of car you drive is also going to play a significant role in your premium costs.

For example, let’s say you’ve just passed your driving test, you live in Los Angeles, and you drive a brand-new BMW convertible. Those are three high risk factors that insurance companies are going to consider when offering you a quote.

There are other ways to get some discounts towards your premiums, every insurance company offers a multitude of options with respect to lowering your costs. But in reality, first time buyers may still be facing higher than normal rates because they are unproven behind the wheel.

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