10 creative uses for plastic pallets


With plastic pallets taking over the widely-used wooden pallets, it has become important for us to find out what these are and why these are being utilised more. In addition to the advantages of plastic pallets over the wooden ones, there are numerous ways in which these can be made use of.

This article will explain to you what plastic pallets are, why they are better than wooden pallets and provide you with 10 creative uses of these pallets.

Plastic Pallets – What are they?

The plastic pallets are basically the plastic version of wooden pallets and are used to rationalise the industrial handling, transport and storage of goods. Made of PP (polypropylene) or HDPE (high-density polyethylene), these pallets can also be produced from recyclable or recycled plastic.

Why are Plastic Pallets better than Wooden Pallets?

Apart from the recyclable nature of plastic, there are a number of reasons why plastic pallets are better than the wooden ones. Plastic pallets:

  • Are cost-effective – this is because their charges of transportation are lesser as they weigh lesser than wooden pallets.
  • Are resistant to shock and stress
  • Are resistant to odours, solvents, fats, alkalis and acids
  • Can be used in all types of climatic conditions
  • Are durable (have a life-span of over 10 years) and 100% recyclable
  • Are lighter in weight, hence, easy to handle
  • Are resistant to bacterial contamination, waterproof and do not absorb humidity
  • Can be cleaned easily due to smooth surfaces

10 Creative Uses

Plastic pallets can be used creatively in the following ways:

#1: Plastic Pallets can be used as Beds

Instead of getting an extra bed, you can pile up plastic pallets and lay a mattress over the pile. This will provide you with an additional bed without having to buy an actual bed. Also, this will be both light in weight and inexpensive as compared to an actual bed. Therefore, you can move it wherever you wish to. Moreover, if you ever feel bored with it, you can deconstruct it and form another thing out of the pallets.

#2: Pallet Bookshelf/Magazine Rack

When it comes to small rooms and minimalism, utilising the wall space is the best idea of all the storage spaces. You can build a vertical pallet bookshelf or a magazine rack that is big in size to store numerous books.

Furthermore, if you do not have enough space in your room, then consider attaching pallets side by side instead of one over the other. In this manner, you will utilise the wall space instead of the floor space.

#3: Use the Pallet as a Pegboard Organiser and Install it on the Wall

Similar to any other board, you can utilise a plastic pallet as an organiser for your stuff. All you have to do is to take a plastic pallet, mount it to the wall and add pegs according to your convenience. This way, you can hang scarves, shoes, bags, caps, etc. to your organiser and make your room look more structured.

#4: Pallet Sofa

Similar to a bed, you can make a plastic pallet sofa. The major difference this time is of the additional vertical pallet above one of the sides for back support. Add a mattress or anything similar to it to provide comfortable seating.

Building a sofa using plastic pallets is inexpensive and easy, as well as provides storage space beneath it.

#5: Pallet Desk

Plastic pallets can be used for various things and one of these is as desks. You can build a desk according to your own needs. This includes the height of your chair, the purpose of the table – office use, study table, or simply a desk, etc.

Utilising plastic pallets to build up your desk also provides you with the freedom to add as many pallets as you wish to below the topmost surface for storage.

#6: Build your own Pallet multi-purpose Rack

Plastic pallets can be used to build racks that can serve for various purposes. All you need to do is pile up the pallets according to the space you have for the rack and the number of things you wish to store in it.

The racks can be utilised as shoe-racks, magazine holders, bookshelves, clothes storage space, etc.

#7: Plastic Pallet Chaise Lounges

The chaise lounges or beach chairs can be built using plastic pallets. If you have a swimming pool at your place, then these chairs would be the most inexpensive ones that you can have. Buying such chairs from the market may be very costly and might not be enough durable. However, since plastic is durable and waterproof, making plastic pallet chaise lounges would be worth it.

#8: Floating Shelves made of Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are best when it comes to augmenting storage spaces. You can simply mount these horizontally on the wall for the purpose of floating shelves. If the amount of space does not suffice, you may add pegs to the bottom of their surface in order to hang small, lightweight items.

#9: Your Pet’s Bed

If you own a pet, you might have thought about buying him a bed. However, the costly beds must have stopped you from purchasing them and your pet still may not have a bed. This is why building a bed using plastic pallets is the best idea. You can also clean it easily and move it whenever you wish.

#10: Plastic Pallet Swing

Do you remember the last time you swung on a sofa-like swing at someone else’s home? You might have also planned to buy one but due to its high-prices, failed to purchase it. Do not worry – you can still fulfil your wishes. Take plastic pallets and pile them up. Tie their corners with strong ropes or threads and suspend them to the wall. Your swing is ready!


Building furniture using plastic pallets is not only a way to be creative but also a way to reduce the expenses of the furniture that you would have otherwise bought.

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