6 Things to Do to Quell Your Nerves Before Your Driver’s Test


cheerful student and teacher in car at driving test

If you have hit that time for your driver’s test, you might be feeling stressed and anxious about the process. Whether you are new to driving or need a refresher, heading to the DMV for a driver’s test can be daunting. However, proper preparation is the key to success and stifling the anxiety. With a few simple tips from our team at Alliance Defensive Driving School, you can be on your way to acing the test.

1.      Driving Lessons

If you’ve tried learning how to drive from your parents one too many times, then scheduling some driving lessons might be your best bet. Despite how cliché it sounds, practice really does make perfect.

Once you have your learner’s permit, the calm and patient driving instructors at Alliance Defensive Driving School will take you out for the ultimate driver’s test prep. If need be, they can take control of the gas and brake at any time so you’ll be safe while you are learning. When it’s time for you to go in for your driver’s test, you’ll feel confident with all the experience under your belt.

2.      Get a Good’s Night Rest

Just like with any test, getting a good night’s rest is crucial for your focus during your test. In the middle of your driver’s test is not the time you want to feel exhausted and sleepy. No matter what time your driver’s test is scheduled for, a healthy amount of sleep the night before will help you feel alert and awake for your test.

3.      Study, Study, Study

The DMV doesn’t keep the driver’s test a secret which makes it easier to prepare for. The test will last about 20 minutes and you’ll need to know left and right turns, stops, straight-line backing, lane changes, driving in street traffic, and driving on the freeway. Be prepared to be tested on any or all of those skills.

There are a wealth of study materials available so get your hands on everything you can to be fully prepared. You can even take an online test to study and check your preparedness. But don’t wait until the last minute, study along the way So you aren’t trying to cram the night before.

4.      Keep Breathing

Deep breathing is an effective relaxation technique and will help keep you calm during your test. Whether you practice taking deep breaths during the test or before you head out, take deep breaths in and out. If you are feeling particularly stressed, try variations on this technique by adding motivational words to pump yourself up.

5.      Eat Well Beforehand

You don’t want anything to be distracting you during your test, and that includes your stomach making noises while you are driving. A well-balanced meal prior to your test will keep your mind off hunger and keep you focused while you drive. Avoid eating anything with a lot of sugar or caffeine in it because that can increase your anxiety, making your mind race and your heart beat faster.

6.      Reassure Yourself

The driver’s test is just that—a test—and unlike other important tests you may take in your life, you can always take it again. In the event that you end up not passing the test, you can apply your experience and try again another time.

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