Are You Looking for the Most Popular Event and Party Themes for 2021? Here’s Your Best Guide


The party season isn’t over – in fact, we’re right in the midst of it with the holidays and the coming New Year celebrations. And while it may be a bit more muted than last year due to the pandemic, it doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate in our own way – and look forward to better days to come. But if you are already thinking about your next event – whether it’s for your office, for a product launch, for a special someone’s birthday, or an anniversary, wedding, and other events – then you may be considering a theme as well. Themed parties have been popular for a long time now, and they give an event that extra oomph and wow factor that can make it even more memorable and magical. So are you looking for the most popular event and party themes for 2021? Here’s your best guide.

  1. An 80s party

Almost everyone loves retro, and there’s no better way to bring in the funk and punk than with an 80s themed party. The 80s introduced us to some of the best pop songs ever, and it was also a time when fashion was truly in a class and world of its own. You can usher in the year with an 80s themed party – with 80s music, of course – along with decorations that celebrate the decade, such as neon signs and lights, slinky décor, ghetto blasters, and all the bright neon colours you can think of. Add some posters from the 80s with those classic pop music icons, and you’re set!

  1. A drive-in movie party theme

There’s one party theme that allows you to follow social distancing rules, and it doesn’t have to be boring, either. A drive-in movie party theme would be your best bet if you’d like to have your event follow social distancing regulations, and you can create something truly special with film props around the venue, invitations that look like cinema tickets, and ushers going around with popcorn and soda. You can also darken the lights around the space and install a gigantic screen dressed up like the gigantic screens in the old days. You can even hire movie or Hollywood impersonators or look-alikes so they can move around and entertain your guests and pose for photos. Party planners in Oxfordshire such as Oasis Events can help you plan such an event with style and panache, and you can definitely make the job a lot easier on yourself with their expertise.

  1. A superhero-themed party

Superheroes will always be popular, especially with the young and young at heart. You can set up a superhero-themed party with those popular Marvel superheroes characters, and it will never fail to delight your guests. You can go for bold colour themes and schemes and add characters to liven up the atmosphere. You can even have a ‘kryptonite’ cave to serve as a bar, along with a science-fiction tunnel which guests can walk through and podiums filled with superhero props such as shields, hammers, bows and arrows, and so on. You have so many options when it comes to superhero parties that you can even create your own storyline to make the event more special.

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