Best Places to Retire in Cairns


When you get to the retirement age, your life takes another turn. You have been busy investing and saving for this stage of life and now it’s your time to enjoy the few remaining years of your life with your spouse. However, for you to enjoy a good time, you have to choose the most interesting neighborhood to live in.

Regis Redlynch

This is a care facility located in a calm and relaxed environment. Standing centrally at the precincts of Cairns, this facility sits in a quiet place, easily accessible through public transport and easy access to local amenities like shopping centers, health, and recreational facilities. The home is well equipped with aged care facilities; and aging-in-place, palliative care, dementia care, and such care facilities. Everything in this place is well set with high standards so that you live well. Available at Redlynch is a perfect lifestyle program that is personalized for you and encourages the entire family to participate and therefore quite enjoyable.

The management understands that good food is essential to a great life and therefore there are cooks on-site who prepare meals as per your wish and every other time, you’ll be served with treats of all kinds.

Not every person can work in the aged-care centers, only the best and in Redlynch, they take time and invest lots of resources to ensure that only the best are hired to serve you. Again, they have rooms of all sorts in this facility, those suffering from dementia have special rooms with en suites and there are also a couple of rooms.

Regis is a great place to be; the home has an enabling environment that allows you to enjoy life in your later years. It is one of the retirement villages Cairns and the world has to offer.

Bolton Clarke Farnorha

This is a facility located at Cairns and their objective is to work with you and family to give you a fulfilling life. Here, you have access to the facilities that will make your life what you want it to be. Located at the quiet pocket of West-court, it is home to some of the world’s greatest attraction sites like the wet tropics rainforest. The setting in Farnorha is so welcoming and the staff here understand how you feel at home-thus they’ve ensured that their facilities are as homely as possible, giving you maximum comfort. The contemporary décor’, choice of color, and the well-appointed bedrooms provide an unmatched ambiance. The admission team in Farnorha is a friendly one and therefore will guide you through the admission process.

Gordonvale Aged Care Services

This is another aged care facility which is located at Cairns road. The facility has a work philosophy of holistic care and their teams are dedicated to creating an enabling atmosphere for you to enjoy. The center hosts different types of beds that cater for the variety of people, with all manner of health conditions. The environment is quite enabling with communal areas and standby staff who assist you when in need. Again, among their staff health experts; nurses, specialists of all conditions with options for visiting consultants. While in this home, you lack nothing and this makes you even more comfortable.

Are you looking for a home where you’ll spend the rest of your days while enjoying the fruits of your labor? Learn more here on the world’s best aged-care homes in Cairns and live a meaningful life in a serene and friendly environment.

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