DIY house sales: 5 links to help you do it alone


Once upon a time selling a home was a very traditional affair. You enlisted the help of an estate agent, and they did all of the legwork.

Now, we are well and truly in the era of DIY house sales. Sometimes it might involve online estate agents, who simply advertise your property on various websites, while on other occasions you might do every ounce of work yourself.

Regardless of the camp you all into, today’s guide has collated five links which can help you sell your home the DIY method (and avoid all of the hefty fees in the process).

It starts with the valuation (Money Saving Expert)

If you don’t take anything else from today’s article, at least make sure that you value your property correctly from the start. Without a correct valuation – all of your efforts will be for nothing.

Fortunately, nowadays at least, this is one of the easiest things you can carry out. Property data is wildly available on the internet and we’ve actually turned to the UK market to pick out a really comprehensive guide on making sure you tick every box for getting your valuation correct. Money Saving Expert cover everything from desktop research right the way through to checking the risks. Simply apply these principles to the area you reside in.

Learn, study and find everything out about curb appeal (BHG)

One of the big advantages of getting an estate agent on board is that they know all about the quick hacks that can convince the “maybe” to a “definite yes” when it comes to potential suitors.

Nowadays, curb appeal falls into this category. Making sure your property looks the part from outside is the easiest way to get people through the door. Someone might not have seen your home advertised, but the sheer appearance of it might convince them that it’s worth a visit.

This next link highlights 23 ways which will help you perfect this look.

The do’s and don’ts of showing your home (HOA)

We’re not going to say much else on this next link – HOA have done a wonderful job on summarizing the good and bad of showing people around your home.

Remember, we’re not all trained estate agents – but it just takes a few quick hacks to at least do a good job of imitating one.

Invest in accessories (Avas Flowers)

Something that will help immensely with first impressions to potential buyers is to invest in accessories. For the purposes of an example, we’ve chosen Avas Flowers who have some really good ranges depending on your budget. This Avas Flowers social media page highlights the point in more detail and shows how your home can appear more “lived in” as you show people around.

Learn how to market your home (The Balance)

Finally, even if you manage to do all of the above, you need to get people through the door. Sure, the curb appeal tip might help sometimes, but you also need to advertise your property through the right channels.

This guide from The Balance sums it up perfectly; it shows all the marketing channels you can consider if you’re considering doing it alone and without the help of an estate agent.

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