Find out the artist within you and start learning how to make wooden flowers


We all in our childhood used to be pretty much artistic. In our early school days, we all know the most exciting thing of the week used to be the art class. As we grew, so many things diverted our mind ranging from technology to studies burdening each of us. The focus to do big in life caused the death of a baby artist in our souls. Sigh! This is the social barrier that never let us fulfill what we quench for. Today, when you at home for long because of the current pandemic threat, why don’t you start making some art pieces for your homes. This will not only make your skills but years ahead, when you will look back to 2020, you will be proud of yourself that you made it through with whole heart and tried to implement your long-forgotten art passion. When it comes to making things, why don’t you try to make your flowers? You might be wondering what we are talking about and flowers are all-natural. We are introducing you with the most versatile form of flowers that is sola wood flowers or maybe known as wooden flowers. They are made from tapioca wood which is treated and transformed into sheets before the actual process begins. It is never late to begin your passion if you want to. We know the fact that as a beginner, you might be wondering how to make wooden flowers. It is obvious. Things are very much simple. All you need is consistency and interest to continue. Repeated practicing can lead to a perfect methodology of skill development and in the future will cater to your needs. To motivate you, we have a list of things that you can try to make in this quarantine for your home and enjoy the handmade beauty. Let’s have a look.

Wooden flower backdrop for lounge

You can make a wooden flower backdrop by using sola wood flowers. This will amaze the visitors and even this will be a great spot for your homage photography.

A central vase

Make wood flowers and put them simply in the central vase of your home. Spray some essential oil over it. The fragrance will enrich the environment and will remind you about how you strived for your art.

A wall hanging

Sola wood flowers can be transformed into a wall hanging. This can be done by using a simple wooden frame with painted walls and designed corners for an elegant look. Here, you can add different colors of wood flowers. Remember, this must be adequately weighed.

A key holder

Wood flowers can be used to make a key holder for your home. It will look amazing. Anyone, who enters the home and opens the lock, put the keys back on the holder can enjoy the lush fragrance. It isn’t amazing. Of course, why not.

Children’s room

You can decorate your child’s room by using a sola wood flower. This will keep your child close to nature even if currently not exposed to the environment outside.


Wooden flowers are everyone’s choice today. When you have so much leisure time today, try to use it and learn how to make wooden flowers. Because someday, this skill will give you so much.

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