Five considerations when moving your VoIP system to a new office


There is a lot to plan and organise when you move to a new office, with a seamless transition and minimal downtime your ultimate goal. If you use VoIP technology, here are five things to consider before you switch premises.

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1. Check the internet connection
You need a decent broadband connection to use VoIP technology, so check well before you move what the broadband speed is like and whether you will need a new connection. This can take some time to organise, so make this your first priority.

2. Cabling needs
Check to ensure that your cabling requirements will be met at your new office. Find out whether the existing network supports computers and phones and how these are wired. Crucially, assess whether the cabling will support a VoIP system; in some cases, you might need to look at getting the premises re-wired. This can take time, so get the job done well in advance of your move date.

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3. Inform your service providers
The advantage of using VoIP technology is that it is incredibly portable, meaning that you can keep the same number and systems when you move office. Provided you have an internet connection and the same VoIP equipment, all you will need to do is plug it in and you will be good to go. Having said that, it is important that you inform your service provider in good time before you move. Let your provider know when you intend to move and your new address. According to Voxox, notifying your service provider before you move is vital for a seamless integration at your new site and minimal downtime.

4. Evaluate your systems
Moving premises provides a good opportunity to review your VoIP system needs. If you are moving to a bigger place or downsizing, you might want to adjust your systems to match. The beauty of using VoIP is that it is easily scalable, so switching up or down should not be an issue. Discuss your options with your wholesale VoIP provider, such as

5. Support
When discussing your move with your VoIP service provider, find out what level of support it can offer you to ensure a smooth transition. A technical specialist will be able to ensure your systems are installed correctly and meet your new needs with minimal downtime.


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