How Some Life Events Causes Erectile Dysfunction?


The life of people revolve around many events which change the course of their life. There are times when the person think everything is going his way and there are time when everything seems to go the wrong. These events develop certain behavioral changes which affects many body systems and processes because of which certain disorder develops. Erectile dysfunction is one such bodily disorder the root cause of which lies in physical as when as psychological and environmental factors.

Though the modern world has become more advanced and people have access to all the resources to make life swift but in the quest to have all the resources easily accessible the human kind has taken a toll both physically and emotionally and because of it many bodily disorders which were not so prevalent in the past have become common these days and more and more people especially the teenagers and youth are facing them.

Stress is one such modern world problem which affects most people around the globe. Every life event is connected with the emotions a person goes through. If events are positive the person doesn’t feel stress but life is not kind to everyone and people who experience bad events often fall prey to stress.

So today we will be evaluating how some life events cause erectile dysfunction in men.

  1. Job loss or problems: The harsh reality of today’s work culture is that people are evaluated on the basis of their work and performance. Most people find it hard to cope-up with the budding pressure at workplace and always feel like if they don’t deliver their job might be at risk. The problem with job loss is that it is directly related with managing the livelihood.

So the person fearing job loss or job problem often feels the stress and this is one of the prime reason he stops cherishing his life. And in the long run become sexually inactive or doesn’t feel the desire to indulge in sexual activity and this interrupts the erection capability of the person. Some people take help of recreational drugs like generic Cialis or Viagra but this is not permanent solution. Cialis generic or Viagra may help to indulge in sexual activity but if the stress level of job loss or problem is not lowered down the person develops erectile dysfunction over a period of time.

  1. Personal relationship conflicts and problems: Not everybody has a perfect personal relationship. Though there are conflicts in every relationship but when it crosses the barrier both the partners feels the stress. Personal relationship trouble is one of those life events which takes a toll on people involved in it both physically and emotionally.
  2. Death of loved one or illness: People want to live with their partner for the whole life but it is not how life goes. Sometimes the illness or sudden demise of the partner changes the course of life for the man. The grief followed by the demise grab hold of the sexual desire and thus lead to erectile dysfunction in many men.
  3. Financial burden: Not everybody is super rich and there are times when the financial condition or the cash crunch totally breakdown a person. So the person is mentally affected and his emotions toward sexual activity are deteriorated. It is a modern day problem because finances are needed to live a good life and deficiency of enough finances affects the man mentally and emotionally.

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