The four most common logo mat types


Mats may be used for both practical and aesthetically pleasant purposes. Custom-made mats with graphic inscriptions on the topsides are known as logo mats. These mats, which are often used in commercial or industrial settings, are available in a range of forms, sizes, and designs. Any kind of mat, it seems, may be converted into a logo mat; or, more specifically, any logo mat can be changed into any other style of mat. A heated mat, for example, may be changed into a logo mat by simply printing graphics on it, and any logo mat can be used as an entrance mat or interior mat by placing it in the proper spot. Businesses often utilize logo mats as “identifying” or promotional material. As the name indicates, a logo mat often incorporates a company’s logo and maybe a promotional message. Logo mats are often classed depending on their manufacturing process (inscription) and intended purpose. Take a look at some of the most popular logo markets right now.

With inlay mats

Inlay logo mats are made by sewing together different materials (often carpet) to create a complex and imaginative image on any mat surface. The logo image is cut from a variety of colored carpet materials that correspond to the colors in the original logo design. These pieces are then joined and bonded together atop a rubber or vinyl backing to create a surprisingly realistic image as well as a durable and functional carpet that can be used both indoors and outside. Inlay mats are usually small to medium in size, although large-scale log mats are usually custom-designed and set.

Digitally printed mats

The pictures on the top surfaces of digitally printed logo mats are very brilliant. These mats are created using cutting-edge printing technology and machinery. Initially, high-quality visuals are created using integrative color technology. The images are then printed onto a rubber or vinyl background using modern digital printers. Furthermore, new digital printers can print intricate details, 3d and hd images, and an infinite number of colors. The earliest digitally produced logo mats are reported to include photographic quality designs. Logo mats are ideal for high-traffic areas, indoor and outdoor scraping, and industrial environments.

Mats for manufactured logs

Molded logo mats are created by “stamping” or molding high-quality digitally printed graphics onto a rubber or vinyl substrate. Before being molded into a rubber or vinyl substrate, the desired image or phrase is digitally printed onto a polymerized material. Thanks to technological advancements, designers may now use a limitless amount of color combinations to create realistic image moldings that are incredibly detailed and clear. The molded logo is permanent and will not fade with time. The finished logo mat is very durable and functional, trapping oil, water, and grime owing to the strong backing and molding material.

Heavy-Duty Custom Logo Mats

Heavy-Duty Custom Logo Mats are made to withstand high traffic areas. They are faultless for outdoor use and both indoor. They are made of durable materials that can resist extreme temperatures, sunlight, and heavy foot traffic. The mats have a nonslip backing that keeps them in place. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

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