Walk in cold room v walk in freezer: the differences


It doesn’t matter what size of business you operate, food storage is essential for the safe and efficient running of your company, and whether you require a cold room or a walk in freezer, it depends entirely on your needs. 


The main difference is that a walk in freezer is colder than a walk in cold room. A walk in cold room typically operates with two different temperature zones. Zone 1 will usually be between 2C and 12C and is often referred to as a chiller. Products stored in this section of the cold room will, on average, be used within a few days.

Zone 2 typically operates at a temperature between -2C and +5C and is used to store consumables that will be used within a few weeks, but which need to be kept cool to delay perishing.

It is possible to purchase cold rooms that operate with only one zone, or with both. Companies such as https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/cold-rooms have a selection of walk in cold rooms.

Walk in freezers look the same as walk in cold rooms, but operate at much lower temperatures, usually between -18C and -22C. For something to be classed as ‘deep freeze’ the minimum level is -18C, and these can be used to store food for months, or even years. This lets businesses buy in bulk, which can be much more cost effective.

There are still many misconceptions over which foods should be stored where, and this recent article published by The Readers Digest gives helpful tips on what to do with everyday items in warm weather.


Walk in fridges and freezers give you maximum storage and cold storage capacity for a variety of ingredients and foods. They are ideal for organising and rotating stock, meaning that everything is on hand whenever it is needed.

Sizes can vary, from the area of a small closet to the size of a large room. Each walk in refrigerator should be fitted with shelves to maximise space and be installed by a qualified engineer.

Whether you need a freezer or cold room will depend on your needs, and you may even need to buy two separate units, but this could be a worthwhile investment especially if your business has a high turnover and can buy in bulk.


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