Funny WiFi Network Names, Again!


Everyone loves a great WiFi network name, I’ve even written a previous article that suggested some great options, and I won’t even link it here for you because those were then these are now. No sense in going back to the past, we’re here in the present, coming up with more awesome WiFi network names. I’m sure you’ve seen a fair share of them yourself, and have a stock of your favorites, but the following are brand new that you can use for your home network or a WiFi Hotspot if you’re taking your show on the road (this one is great for international travel).

So without any further ado, let’s begin…

  1. Speedy Gonzalez: I know that this one isn’t that funny by itself, but most wireless networks these days have a 2.4Ghz and 5 Ghz connection meaning that one is slower and one is faster, so I recommend you call the 5Ghz connection “Speed Gonzalez”, and then call the 2.4Ghz connection “Regular Gonzalez”. That will certainly get a chuckle from anyone visiting you.
  2. FBI Surveillance Van 46TG98FZ: I mean this one is just great to spark some conversation. Especially if there is a van that is generally parked on the street in your neighborhood, if it’s windowless you get extra points! Remember, that ID code at the end is important, that is what makes it feel legitimate because it seems like a computer generated code that acts as an identifier for that vehicle. Authenticity always gets an extra laugh.
  3. Free Neighborhood Public WiFi: That’s the beauty of it, this doesn’t exist most of the time. Before you play this joke I recommend actually setting your password to something incredibly difficult to break because you are calling attention to your network here a bit. The tradeoff however is a heck of a lot of phone calls and emails to whoever runs your neighborhood asking for the password to this network, that nobody will know who started… and just when the heat gets hot, change the name to something really generic again, and it will disappear as fast as it came.
  4. 43110: Anyone who still used good old calculators in school will totally understand this name. For the children who went to school with their cell phone as a calculator, here’s a little history lesson. On a calculator if you type this number in, turn it upside down, most digital interfaces on calculators would show what looks like the word “Hello”. There are some other words you can type like this, play around with it.
  5. House Capulet: Never has there been a story of more Woe than that of Juliet and her dear sweet Romeo… so pick a side. I have a feeling that if you give it just long enough, one of your neighbors will change theirs to “House Montague” and then it becomes your job to find out who this neighbor is and befriend them immediately. Once you’ve found this person, then you change your network to “House Stark” (relating to Game of Thrones), and tell them to change theirs to “House Lannister” and see if you can get any of your other neighbors to get in on the game and pick a house as well. This might seem like a lot of work, but by the end of it, you’ll at least some some friends who not only share your sense of humor but also watch the same stuff you do.

Your WiFi network name is a blank canvas. Paint your masterpiece on it and change it every month. Who cares! If you can give someone a chuckle every time they ask you for your network name, or someone walking by trying to get on a network, it’s totally worth it. You just made the world a more fun place, digitally!

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