The 3 Most Effective Non-Profit Fundraising Events


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If you have a nonprofit and are hoping to raise money for it, there are a number of special events that you can consider. Such events can be held at a nonprofit event venue like Flora, which specializes in events for nonprofits (as well as weddings and conventions, among other occasions). While there are various types of fundraising events to take into account before deciding on one, the following recommendations are the most effective.

1. Gala Fundraising Events

One thing that you could try is to throw a gala. If you can convince local businesses to sponsor the event, it can be worth it. While it may be an opportunity for solicitation, it is important not to shove that aspect down people’s throats. Keep it balanced by emphasizing the celebration aspect of the event by having good food and perhaps good performances. And when you invite people to the event, keep the venue in mind. You must have a venue big enough to accommodate everyone in attendance. A gala can take a lot of preparation, but you may find rewards in the form of donations.

2. Art/Keynote Speaker Shows

Another possibility is to hold an art show with a keynote speaker. Artists may be willing to donate their work to a nonprofit in exchange for exposure. Local artists would likely be enthusiastic about having their work showcased. You might even be able to get regional names or donations from artists who are much more popular with the art community. A lot of buzz can be generated among potential buyers if you just display the art at the event. As attendees check out the art, they may stay around long enough to become more interested in your cause.

When it comes to choosing a keynote speaker, you have to know your audience first. Keeping their interests in mind will help you select someone who would connect with them. A charitable local celebrity is one option, and an expert on the subject of the nonprofit is another. It would also be very beneficial to your cause if the speaker talks about topics that would resonate with potential donors at the event.

3. Auctions/Raffles

An auction and/or a raffle can really put the “fun” in “fundraising.” The competitiveness and the possibility of receiving a prize would be thrilling to attendees. You can have both a live auction and then, to continue building excitement, you can end with the raffle as the grand prize. In addition to items, you could also auction off services, such as house cleaning or holiday decorating.

You may need to rely on donations from local businesses. So reach out to some and see if they can contribute anything for auctioning or raffling. Plus, your association with these businesses paints you in a good light, showing that you are heavily involved with the community.

Marketing is essential for getting a good number of people interested in auctions. They are actually very popular around special holidays and summer vacations. So you can include prizes that are related to the occasion. For example, you can offer a travel experience for the vacation season.

A Variety of Options

You are not limited to just these options. There are other events that you could try, such as a golf tournament, a trivia tournament, or a yard sale. But the events mentioned in depth up above are the most effective. Again, it is all a matter of finding local businesses to collaborate with and knowing your audience. In any case, you have a variety of options to consider. Whichever of these you decide to go along with, Flora the Venue in San Diego would be able to accommodate your fundraising event, and you can see positive results that would benefit your nonprofit.

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