Why Should you Move to Malta?


South of Italy, Malta is a beautiful European country that has become quite renowned for its sandy beaches, beautiful weather, low cost of living and delicious food. If you are wondering whether to move to Malta or not, here are some solid reasons for you to consider doing so:

  • The weather is amazing

Malta is surrounded by tranquil, calm waters and bathed in sunny and warm weather all year round. It has the longest of summer seasons that start in March and continue till November. You can enjoy glorious sunshine for 3,000 hours in a year, the highest amongst European countries.

  • Clean blue sea

The Maltese sea water is regarded as one of the three cleanest waters in Europe. The beaches are extremely beautiful and the waters feature some wonderful shades of turquoise and deep blue.

  • English is the official languages

One of the best reasons to move to Malta is that English is the official language of the country. Thus, you don’t need to learn an entirely new language and don’t have to face any communication barriers when you move.

  • A stable economy and property market

The property market of Malta is a stable one and offers steady growth. The economy of the country is also booming due to which it is the perfect place to move when you are looking to make investments.

  • Excellent residence program

Another appealing reason to move to Malta is that it has several residence programs for foreign nationals who wish to acquire a second permanent residence.

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