Larry Polhill Gives His Opinion on How to Plan Financially Before Wedding  


Financial planning really should be a priority for all couples before they get hitched. Marriage not only changes their financial circumstances but also their financial viewpoint. There are numerous financial considerations that a couple prior to getting married will need to consider such as bills, bank accounts, spending money, planning for children, buying property, spending patterns and retirement planning. Marriage is a big dedication between two people. It is not just about getting ready for the wedding day, but also for the life ahead. Thus, if you are planning to get wedded, it is best to restructure the financial position prior to taking that big jump. After all, financial safety is as essential as emotional happiness between couples.

It is always prudent to share the financial status with the partner. Any kind of uncertainty in sharing the details carries the possible risk of damage to the relationship. Alertness of the financial situation helps a pair to plan the potential expenditures in an organized manner. It has often been found that most people have the tendency to conceal their liabilities and project themselves with sound financial background. This would not assist the new relationship in the long run. The loans, financial debts, obligations should not come as a shock to the spouse post marriage. A financial liability or debt is not something to be embarrassed of.

Larry Polhill is a celebrated property owner of Photocircuits Corporation and has worked as the President of the Board and Chairman at ‘APFC’ or American Pacific Financial Corp. Mr. Polhill has worked as a director of Capital Foods, LLC and also as Chairman in addition to President Emeritus at Cafe Valley, Inc. and worked as its CEO or Chief Executive Officer. He has widespread background in Mergers and Acquisitions and Corporate Finance. With more than twenty five years of business experience at APFC, he has been associated as an officer, Director in addition to financier of a wide-ranging variety of businesses, such as companies in the consumer, food and retail industries.

Larry says that it is the responsibility of the couples to decide on what is the most essential aspect of the financial planning right now whether it is investing on a new property or welcoming a new member to the family. Couples should also consider how they will manage in case one of them lost the job, or the circumstances changed some way. In addition, they should also consider how one might like to plan a saving or insurance strategy to guard them during those times.

Larry states that similar to that of emotional development, financial safety is a must-conversed subject among couples to evade needless friction and tensions for a joyful wedded life.

Larry Polhill has also been associated with Arrowsight, Inc as Advisor as well as the Chairman of the Board at Inventure Foods, Inc. and served as an Independent Director of Inventure Foods, Inc as well.


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