Ideas for an unforgettable 18th birthday party


An 18th birthday is no ordinary occasion, since it marks your child’s transition into adulthood. As they leave their childhood behind to embrace the adventure ahead, it is important to celebrate this golden milestone by throwing a party to remember. It would be prudent to discuss your ideas with your soon-to-be 18-year-old; better still, invite them to be involved in each step of the planning process – unless, of course, you are planning a surprise party.
If you are still unsure as to what type of party you would like to throw, check out the ideas below. At least one of these suggestions will surely send your child into adulthood in style!

1) Throw a surprise party

This is perhaps the easiest option on the list to execute, but it is also a fun one. The core mission here is to keep the party a surprise. To ensure you make it a surprise party your child will love, ask a couple of their friends to help with generating a guest list, deciding on the venue, and ensuring your child is at the right place at the right time. Throwing in a sweet stall, a candyfloss machine or some novelty cupcakes will add a special touch to the party.

2) Go ghoulish with Zombie Tag

If you are planning a party for some zombie fans, either Humans vs Zombies or Zombie Tag are sure to entertain the partygoers for a few hours prior to the cake and perhaps a screening of a classic zombie movie.

3) Paintballing with a twist

If your child is competitive by nature and loves being outdoors, paintballing is an adventurous way to mark their 18th. Furthermore, if you want to show them that you trust their driving skills, you could perhaps arrange some tank driving combined with paintballing. Tank Experiences through Armourgeddon, for example, would be the perfect way for them to celebrate their birthday.

4) Hold an inflatable games party

An excellent party idea for those born in the warmer months of the year is an inflatable games party. This enables the party revellers to enjoy the inflatable bouncy castles and game adventures from their childhood. Grown-ups also love it, as it is entertaining, fun, and guaranteed to be lots of fun.


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