5 Most Common Relationship Advice You Should Know


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A relationship is the special bonding between two persons which combine two completely different personalities. Yet it could be hard at times to manage a relationship. Things have got faster and so have breakups. You will often stumble upon awful relationship advice. These terrible relationship advices will ruin your chances.

Without further ado, let us see the five most toxic relationship advice you come by often.

Relationship Advice to Avoid

1.   Wait for Your Soul Mate

Well, you are completely different from the rest of the world with your unique hobbies, habits, virtues and shortcomings. You can find an exact person with similar qualities and flaws if you create a clone specimen of yourself in the lab! If you are willing to strike up a more human relationship, get rid of the notion that the perfect match exists. You have to work on your relationship and make it perfect.

2.   Play hard to get

This is one of the commonest mistakes rather than wrong advice is given on relationships. Our life is fast-paced and courtesy to modern life, we have to tackle a lot of things together simply to exist. Now if your love interest starts playing aloof, at first it would be a mystery and then a headache. So, do not be ‘play hard to get sort of a person. If there’s that mutual spark between you two, simply follow your heart, not the rubbish advice.

3.   Do Not Make the First Move

There is that wrongful notion about making the first move is that it is equivalent to being desperate. Quite on the contrary, it needs a hell of lot of confidence to make the first move.

4.   Change the Persons

You cannot change a person. Either you fall in love with a person accepting their uniqueness or you try to make a clay model out of a living being. If you try hard to change a person, he or she will end up being pretentious.

5.   Find a Partner with Same Hobbies

Although we know opposites attract (this is not a universal truth in the case of love), we tend to find our hobbies in our partners. At times, we end up imposing some of them, at the cost of the other one’s originality.

Therefore, these terrible relationship advices are as harmful as smoking and may lead to incurable ailment in the end. Avoid this advice by all means!

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