Dealing with the Debt of a Dog’s Illness


According to dog owners, ownership costs typically run about $1,200 a year, that is, unless you run into additional medical expenses. Vet services, in case of an accident, can cost thousands of dollars, and dogs that suffer from congenial diseases cost even more than what you initially thought. Thus, most owners now buy puppy and dog insurance, but some hesitate, wondering if it’s really worth the cost.

Is Pet Insurance Worth the Cost?

At-a-glance, insurance will generally cover

  • Most outpatient and inpatient treatments
  • Has no age limit during the insurance period
  • And it’s generally valid worldwide, in case you want to take your dog on trips with you

Of course, various policies will offer different benefits, but overall, pet insurance policies can cover your dog’s health care needs, if you’re faced with contingencies and difficulties that take a bite out of your pocket.

What Are the Advantages of Pet Insurance?

One out of three dogs will require emergency health treatment at a vet this year, and the expenses can be in the thousands. Dog insurance offers protection of all breeds, without distinction. Not having insurance could prevent your dog from having the benefit of emergency treatment. According to leading insurers, only 10 percent of the cases in which we have to take our pet to a veterinarian is due to an accident; the remaining 90 percent is due to illness. The majority of cases either pay out-of-pocket, or forego having any treatment at all, but having pet insurance can defray some of the costs. Just like your typical health insurance policies for people, dog policies come with a variety of choices, like different deductibles. You can also select from various co-payments and premiums. Depending on your dog’s breed, the cost of coverage will vary because it costs more to insure purebred dogs, and the options you select will be factored into the costs.

When Your Pet Requires Emergency Treatment

“Some plants can be toxic to dogs,” says Lily Fawkes, and can cause kidney or liver failure. Symptoms may take between 12 and 24 hours to appear. By the time they suffer from kidney failure, it’s almost always lethal. Emergency treatment for her dog included three days of intensive therapy, medication, doctor analysis and many intravenous fluids, at a cost of $ 1,883. Ms. Fawkes pet insurance covered $1506, and her dog recovered completely.

A serious illness or injury can cause significant financial losses, even when the patient is a pet, because they are still family members. Surgery to treat torn ligaments caused by poorly executed jumps, for example, can cost more than $3,000. If an illness is worse, like cancer treatments, you can expect to pay more than $5,000. Veterinary medicine has advanced in recent years, as much as human medicine, which can save a dog’s life, but this very specialized care costs. Pet insurance offers peace of mind, knowing your pet will receive health care during any unexpected event. When you evaluate all the possibilities, dog insurance is well worth the costs.

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