Flooring market set to soar due to commercial sector


With the latest advancements in research and development in the flooring market and increased construction in emerging countries, the flooring market is set to soar over the next few years.

As technologies improve, the design and manufacture of flooring are moving with the times. The flooring industry itself is continually launching brand-new products to meet customer demands and requirements.

As reported by Transparency Market Research (TMR), the global flooring market is set to reach over 32 million square meters by 2026.

Why the increase?

Demand for flooring comes from a number of different streams. As countries become developed, infrastructure improves and construction increases. Emerging regions such as Asia Pacific have been shown to generate the most demand for flooring, which is set to increase even more over the coming years.

Older buildings across the globe are being renovated, increasing demand for new flooring to meet better health and safety requirements, especially in commercial and industrial settings. What’s more, new flooring innovations carry the advantage of having low upkeep and maintenance.

Increasing awareness of the benefits of eco-friendly products and their manufacturing process can also be associated with the increase in demand for new flooring refurbishments.

This forecasted increase for global flooring requirements also includes residential settings, where the demand for designed floors is higher than ever as lifestyles and interior designs change.

Flooring innovation

An example of new flooring innovation is engineered flooring. While a solid timber floorboard has a classic and timeless look, there can be problems over the years with solid wood flooring. Timber can eventually buckle and misshape with humidity and temperature changes; at such a big expense, investment in research has been made. Developments have led to what is known as engineered flooring, whereby timber boards are now manufactured with HDF or plywood bases.

This makes the boards easier to lay and they carry the advantage of having a more stable base against the floor, preventing the problems of solid wood floors. A timber layer is laid over the base of the board and maintains the popular wood. Engineered wood flooring is available from stockists such as https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/engineered-flooring.html.

With so many factors pushing the commercial flooring sector forwards, good research and advice should be sought when considering solutions for your flooring needs.

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