How to avoid feeling lonely at retirement


Retirement is a wonderful time when you no longer have to worry about the 9 to 5, deadlines, boring meetings, stress and watching the hours on the work clock. You get your life back. However, for many people, the loss of socialization and contact makes them more difficult than they imagined. Even if you are not close to a colleague, just being around someone is something that you really miss. Even if you have a partner, you cannot depend on one person to provide for all your social needs. Humans are very social creatures, so it’s important to be prepared to face feelings of loneliness and to know how to fight them.

Lifelong learning

Why not register for several classes? Do you always have the desire to paint, learn to dance, cook better, or speak a foreign language? The local community centre offers a variety of courses during the day and night and you will definitely meet other people who share your interests.


If one doesn’t exist for your favourite hobby, why not start one? Whether you like reading books, eating out, dinner or wine tasting – bringing people together to chat and enjoy a shared experience is important. The presence of a regular club is great for mental stimulation and socializing. You will often find clubs and activities that are ready to be offered when living in a park home community. For more information on Residential Park Homes, visit


If you feel you don’t have a goal, volunteering can be the answer. Helping others, meeting new people and learning new skills can fill your retirement with happiness and satisfaction. There are so many opportunities available that everyone must be able to find something. Whether you are a historian and volunteer in a museum or you want to serve food for the homeless, you can use your previous work skills for excellent use or try something completely new.

Take part in an activity

If you like walking or hiking, then go out and join local rambling groups. Maybe you can start a group to visit local places of interest or take a trip with a coach. Visit a local fitness centre and see what classes are available for seniors. Staying active is important for your mental and physical well-being.

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If you are musical, consider joining a local band or choir. Most communities have a music group that welcomes members of all abilities and ages. If it’s been a long time since you played, you will be quickly surprised by how your skill returns with a little practice and encouragement. You will explore your creative side and meet new people.


Make an appointment to call, visit or write to friends every day. In today’s digital world, it’s easier to stay in touch with people wherever they are. Social media is useful for instant contact with those who may not be close, but for more meaningful contacts, contact or visit as many local friends as possible.

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