How to Lead a Team of People


Leading a team is the essence of business leadership. It is only with the right kind of leadership skills that the person can achieve the milestone of his future business endeavors. Being a leader is not an easy task. You have to adopt the specific leadership techniques to encounter all sort of person that crosses your way.

Making the most out of your business is through those people who are empowered and trained enough to give you the desired results. Even the operational staff of your business empire will be the reason for your business success.

Leadership Styles

Bardya Ziaian has put forward many ways that can play a leading role, if adopted, in enhancing your leadership skills. There are leadership techniques that are opposite from each other.

·        Lead According to Situation

When it comes to leading a team of people, bear in mind that certain situations may arise out of nowhere. So, to deal with them, one needs to adopt situational leadership skills.

Through situational leadership technique, the leader has to act according to the nature of the follower he is trying to influence. Reading the mind of the follower and dealing with the situation accordingly is no joke.

·        Lead According to Position

It is only by putting yourself in your follower’s shoes that you will be able to understand him, and makes sense of what he is up to.

However, some of the other leaders are comfortable in giving commands to their followers. They tend to enjoy their authoritative position by not giving a chance to the worker to come up with his idea.

On average, allowing the workers to come up with their ideas and the ways to pursue them should be implemented. They are in the best interest of your workers.


Try to follow the below tips to get the most out of your team who is working for your business to thrive.

·        Make Time

As a leader, one should be able to be in direct contact with their team members. The team members want their leader to show up for them. In this way, they are assured of their leader’s support at any point.

·        Know the Team

Start by knowing your team. The people working in the managerial position will have different viewpoints than those on the operational roles. So, know them and then react accordingly. Because you are the leader of everyone working in the team.

·        Communicate

Always try to communicate the orders from bottom to top and vice versa. while bringing any change in the organization, try to follow the bottom-up approach. When the operational staff at your organization feels a sense of worth, they will perform their part of work effectively and efficiently.

Bardya Ziaian is one of those leading teammates initially, who always tend to make things easy for his team members.

Final Thoughts

Working with the team members and leading them are two entirely different techniques. However, the leader working with the team as a mate is great.





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