How you can reduce your carbon footprint with an aluminium radiator


When it comes to designing a new bathroom, many people consider style and functionality before the environmental benefits. 

But now, modern radiators made from aluminium are allowing homeowners to do both and save money in the process. But how could installing an aluminium radiator in your home help you to reduce your carbon footprint and what are the other benefits of these types of radiators?

Heat conduction

Consider your home computer – part of it will be crafted from aluminium as it is a heat sink. The same applies to all types of machinery and equipment in the industry sector. This is because aluminium is a great conductor of heat. Their efficiency means that they are able to heat the water that then transcends to the air in the room much quicker than steel radiators. According to Best Heating aluminium radiators may be up to five times more efficient than steel radiators meaning a room will heat up to the required temperature faster and avoid the potential for energy loss. Not only is this environmentally friendly but it is cost effective.


The vast majority of aluminium is recycled and anything that involves reusing materials like this is a positive thing for the environment. With landfill sites quickly filling up, it has never been more important to recycle our old tins and cans. Your aluminium radiators may well be crafted from one of them. The process of recycling is also more environmentally friendly as it doesn’t require the same amount of time and energy as crafting something brand new.

Size matters

The aluminium radiators tend to be smaller than standard steel radiators. This means they require less water and less power to function but can still emit the same levels of heat. This is also useful when you are using them with low-temperature heating systems.

So if you are planning a bathroom or kitchen renovation then opt for these functional and environmentally friendly radiators that don’t just look great, but are ethical too. With a range of options – from heated towel rails to industrial style radiators – you are bound to find something that suits your decor and gives you peace of mind that you’ve done your bit for the planet too.


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