Keeping yourself warm on a winter trip


As us Brits endure yet another cold, rainy and downright miserable summer, many of us are planning winter escapes to sunnier climes or simply need a change in surroundings. However, packing for a winter escape is harder than it sounds, especially for men. Read on for our quick mens’ guide to packing for a winter escape, whether you are staying close to home or travelling further afield.

European city breaks or romantic UK getaway

Many of us choose a European city break over a sunny holiday in the Caribbean, or simply book a cosy lodge somewhere idyllic like the Peak District or Cotswolds. Not only is a UK break cheaper, but it is also easier to get the time off work for a quick weekend. Western and Mediterranean European cities will be slightly warmer, whilst the Baltic countries and much of Eastern Europe are possibly even colder than Britain.  So another good idea to think of before you go away is to get a Aluminium Radiators UK company such as to come in and give your radiators an overhaul and update so that when you get back you have a nice warm home throughout.

You’ll definitely need to pack a smart jacket or coat, as you’ll be spending plenty of time outdoors, whether in city or country. A tailored overcoat is a great option and a soft scarf to go with it is essential. A leather holdall is the ideal option for a weekend city break, providing you with plenty of room whilst still looking stylish.

Shoes-wise, it’s important to be warm and comfortable. If you have the room, pack a pair of heavy-duty walking shoes, as well as a more formal option such as brogues. Take some jeans and a knitted jumper for the day and a pair of chinos and one of the stylish mens designer shirts for evenings.

Winter sun

If you’re lucky enough to be getting some winter sun in another hemisphere, then you will need to retrain your brain about what you need in summertime. Sun lotion, a new beach towel, some new trunks and, if the budget allows, a pair of designer sunglasses: these are all essentials. As is a raincoat. Also pack a current bestseller to really help you forget about the cold weather back home, such as Origin by Dan Brown.

A winter escape is often the only way to get through the dreary months between Christmas and Easter, so make sure that you take everything you need to make the most of this much-needed holiday.

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