On Finding the Right Church


If you are trying to find the right church to attend, you will find that this is like finding a needle in a haystack. Churches are everywhere and there is something for everybody. However, if you are truly saved and Holy Ghost filled saint, you want a place that can really feed your soul with the truth from the word of God. A true church that lives up to that standard can be hard find. Those type of churches are true gems and should be sought out through prayer not just by visiting different congregations every Sunday or during the week when they have more services.

Finding the Right Church

The best way to find the right church is to ask God himself through prayer where you should go. Have him point you in the right direction. After all, when it’s time to stand before him you will be held accountable for your obedience. You will know it when you find it too. Not only will that congregation greet you with open arms but you will find yourself feeling very much at home and part of the family. You see it’s not about finding one of the best local churches. It’s about finding a church family where you and your family will fit right in. That is very important for your spiritual walk. The Bible says to not forsake the assembling of yourselves with other believers, which means you are required to fellowship with your church family regularly. This keeps you spiritually sound, and you are less likely to find yourself making stupid mistakes if you are being fed the word of God from the pastor you should be under.

After Finding the Right Church

Once you have found the right church, you should become a member. At some churches it is just a matter of letting the pastor know that you are wanting to become part of the vision for the congregation, and he will let everyone know you are part of the family. That is the cause of a fellowship celebration. Other churches may require you to fill out paperwork, so they can keep track of your membership. Those are normally larger congregations where they want to make sure you have all the information you need to not only be a member but even participate in some of the activities that are going on. At a smaller church, you can get involved by teaching Sunday school or singing in the choir. If you have any special skills that will make you an asset, let the pastor know so you can be used in that capacity. Remember your talents are considered gifts to the body of Christ, and you want to be found using them unto God in the church as such.

Finding a church is not difficult when you get God involved. You will be happy where he puts you. This is your spiritual covering. You want to be where God puts you.

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