Van life with your dog: how to dog-proof your van


Dog owners know that although their furry best friend is a bundle of fun, it can also be a bit of a destructive influence, especially in unfamiliar environments.

If you are investing in a new van and want to make sure that you can take your dog out in it without creating unnecessary wear and tear, these tips for dog-proofing your van will be immensely helpful.

Install proper ventilation

As a rule, you should never leave a dog unattended in a vehicle for extended periods, but if you are out on the road, then at some point this will become unavoidable.

The obvious advice is to keep a window open a crack, but this is not secure or effective in most situations. Adding a ventilator to your van, in the form of a dedicated fan system, is a good move, especially if you want to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Investigate van lining

Van Lining can be your biggest ally when it comes to dog-proofing your vehicle, since it will provide protection for the underlying bodywork, make it easier to keep the cargo area clean and also helping when it comes to maintaining the value of your LCV over time.

Used van values are on the rise at the moment, which is good news for owners. However, with such a wide variety of models available, those that are lower on the quality scale are more likely to be overlooked.

A basic plylining system will create a sturdy, stable layer to shield your van from damage. You can also use it to form the foundations of a range of other adaptations, so you can convert your van into almost any living or working space you deem fit.

Factoring in your dog when planning this process is a good idea, as the design may change when you consider your canine chum.

Always take a towel

Dogs love to run, jump and splash in almost any body of water they come across. During wet weather, they are liable to drag mud, foliage and other natural detritus around with them after a bit of outdoor adventuring.

To that end, it is important to have a towel handy so that you can dry them off and get them at least a little bit clean before they leap in the van.

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