What are the types of premium cigars?


Different people enjoy different types of activities and habits to enjoy themselves and to get entertained. According to the culture of the area, the trends change, and the people adopt different habits. One such habit that most people adopt is smoking a cigar. The cigar has always been classier than the standard cigarettes, and they are not used as excessively as the former one. People like to enjoy the cigars to grace the events and celebrations and to rejoice themselves as well. The people who smoke cigars are always a class apart, and the trend usually circulates in the upper circles. The reason might be that the price of the cigar is higher compared to the other smoking objects.

Different types of premium cigars that you can find in the market

The premium cigars are pretty costly, and affording them to circulate in the whole bachelor party might not be a thing for everyone. But those who love it go to all the lengths to enjoy their smoking stick. And here, we have gathered a shortlist of the top five premium cigars that you would find unique and those that would not disappoint you till the very end of the stick.

  1. Padron Serie 1926 No. 35 (Maduro)

This is one of the best kinds of premium cigars from the 1926 series, and they are available in four different sizes to enhance your smoking experience. What makes the premium Maduro cigars different from the others is that they are grown naturally in the sun, and they are wrapped carefully into Maduro wrappers. Aged for whole five years and then refined and blended, these cigars have got no parallel.

  1. Diamond Crown Robusto No. 3

The specialty of this cigar is that they are handmade, and they are wrapped in the finest grade, double fermented, Connecticut shade tobacco. This cigar is very smooth to touch and has a very silky feel as well. The flavor of this cigar is creamy rich, which makes it perfect for the high price that you have to pay for it.

  1. Padilla 1932 Robusto 

If you are looking for a strong cigar that is full of flavor and has a distinct aroma to please you, you should go for this Padilla. This is not just another cigar that you can lay your hands on. Instead, it is fantastic and comes with a strong flavor and a solid addictive taste as well.

  1. Arturo Fuente Anejo Reserva Shark No. 77 

This premium cigar has a unique shape as it is lightly pressed, and it has a somewhat oily feel when you hold it. It has a dark shade that makes it look even classier. This cigar is loved worldwide for its beauty and the strength of aroma and flavor that it has to offer.

  1. Graycliff Chateau Gran Cru

Graycliff is a name that is famous for making for the highest quality and best kind of cigars, and this Chateau Gran Cru is their best creation with a twist of taste and aroma like never before.

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