What Are Your Spiritual Gifts and How to Find Them?


spiritual gift is a unique ability given by the Holy Spirit. In Biblical times, a spiritual gift was an unusual power granted by the Holy Spirit. In today’s world, a spiritual gift is extraordinary graces given to Christians for the betterment of others, without any personal sanctification derived for themselves. These exceptional graces are distinctly separate from the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the fruit of the Holy Spirit. These gifts involve personal sanctification.

Administration, Apostleship, and Craftsmanship

The gift of administration is the unique ability to organize tasks and groups of people to accomplish administrative tasks. These gifts of administration found in First Corinthians, Chapter 12, Verse 28. Apostleship is the divine ability to start new churches and ministries. Apostleship requires the gifts of planning, overseeing, and training. Biblical references found in Ephesians, Chapter 4, Verses 11 thru Verses 14. Craftsmanship is the divine gift to plan, construct, and be able to work with your hands to accomplish houses of spiritual worship. Biblical references found in Acts, Chapter 18, Verses 2 thru 3.

Discernment and Evangelism

Discernment is the divine ability to separate and identify right and wrong motives, along with having a keen awareness of spiritual forces at work in life’s situations. Biblical references found in 1st John, Chapter 4, Verses 1 thru Verses 6. Evangelism is the divine gift to help non-believers of Christianity convert to becoming a born-again Christian. Biblical references can be found in Acts, Chapter 8, Verses 5 thru Verses 6.

Knowing Our Spiritual Gifts

What are your spiritual gifts? Your spiritual gift, no what gift the Holy Spirit has given you, all have one primary purpose in his mind; to strengthen other people’s faith. There are endless examples every day of our lives that all the spiritual gifts bear witness. You know someone who believes they have strayed, and you helped that person regain their faith. That example could be the Holy Spirit opportunity for to discover your spiritual gift. Helping this person whose hope is in despair could be the Holy Spirit’s way of you discovering your spiritual gifts.

Many people in today’s world have the abilities of administration, apostleship, craftsmanship, discernment, and evangelism. However, are these spiritual gifts. Yes, they are spiritual gifts from the lord. The significant distinction is that these people are not using their gifts as an expression of faith and are not trying to fortify and build strength in others with their God-given talents.

Yes, the Holy Spirit has granted us all spiritual gifts. However, we as Christians are given a “free will.” How do we hold ourselves accountable for our use of the Holy Spirit’s gifts given to us? In using and testifying with our spiritual gifts, we must ensure our hearty reliance on the Lord’s direction to us individually.

Discovering our spiritual gifts is a lifelong process, and the Holy Spirit could present situations where undiscovered spiritual gifts will be revealed to you. Just remember, in closing, in God’s time, not our time. God gives us patience, and human nature naturally breeds impatience; be patient with the Holy Spirit.

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