There isn’t necessarily a right time to buy a diamond ring, although there are different benefits to buying during certain holidays and seasons. It is often assumed that prices will be higher at times of greater demand, such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day but there are still great deals to be had during these peak times. Those who sell diamonds always want to attract customers, not just in the lead up to Valentine’s Day! 

The normal promotions that apply at different seasons in-store do not apply to the top-end of the market and the very high-quality diamonds. If you’re looking for a top-quality diamond, avoid shop signs that advertise huge sales or up to 50% off for example. This is only a sign that the diamonds on offer are of a lesser quality.

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The first thing to do is find a vendor that you trust and one which you know will give you great value whatever time of year it is. For Halo Cluster Diamond Engagement Rings, visit

Some of the best times to pick up the diamond jewellery you desire is during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This tradition has come to the UK from the United States holiday of Thanksgiving with many shops and websites offering discounts and deals in the lead up to Christmas. With Valentine’s Day not too far in the future, this is good time to purchase for that occasion too. Many people also plan for a seasonal proposal, so picking up a ring during Black Friday makes good sense.

Before Christmas, many businesses are eager to grab customers so could be a good time to grab a deal. It pays to start looking early though as many others will also be looking to snag a great deal at this time of year. You’ll find more items in stock, more available and a greater range to choose from.

If you can’t beat the thought of looking for such an important purchase during the Christmas rush, another option is to wait for the end of December and early January sales. This will enable you to bag a great deal in time for Valentine’s Day.

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Early spring is the time to start looking for a ring if you’re planning a summer proposal. You won’t have to suffer the holiday rush and stores will likely be able to spend more time helping you to make the right choice.

Ideally, it is recommended that you give at least one to three months for the purchase of an important diamond ring. That way you’ll have the perfect ring and have it in good time for your special occasion.

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