Not long ago, the tie was a staple part of most outfits. A tie would always be worn when going out for dinner, having a drink with friends and going to work, but times have certainly changed. Nowadays, a tie is only really worn by many for special occasions, but that shouldn’t deter you from wearing one when you feel the time is right. These are some of the perfect times to wear a tie.

Where Can I Wear a Tie?

There are certain times where wearing a tie should be a given. Weddings, fine dining establishments and job interviews are some of the places in which you would be expected to wear a tie due to their formal settings. However, consider adding a shirt and tie ensemble for a date or when meeting new people to create a lasting impression. You don’t always have to wear then in a professional capacity. Have fun with bold colours and funky patterns, and ensure that the knot is left loose for the perfect smart/casual look.

When Ties Are Worn Right

It’s no wonder that David Beckham consistently features in the best-dressed lists. His sharp style, often accompanied by the perfect shirt and tie ensemble, has turned the former footballer into a style icon. And with the Beckhams auctioning their royal wedding outfits off for charity, they are sure to raise thousands, in part due to David’s exceptional dress sense.

Choosing the Right Tie

When looking to buy a tie, you must first ensure that you have the right shirt to wear it with. If you don’t know where to start, you should begin with solid colours. Pair block colour Farah shirts with a simple tie from the same colour family as a starting point.

When you feel more comfortable, you can move on to patterns and bolder colour choices in both short and tie varieties. Shop around and don’t be afraid to look online at sites such as to get style inspiration. As a rule of thumb, always wear a different pattern to that of your shirt to create a great pattern-on-pattern effect.

So whilst others may just be wearing their ties for formal events, break the mould and show them that a tie can be an excellent addition to almost any occasion.


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