Will it snow this weekend?


It’s that time of year again when all the weather stations are asking the same question: will we be in for a white Christmas?

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Although last weekend saw Storm Deirdre sweep in, with warnings of snow and ice rain threatening many parts of the UK, the prospect of snow between now and Christmas is slim according to the Met Office suggesting the worst of the storm passed overnight.

This weekend, 22nd December is likely to be milder than last Saturday, with heavy winds in the south and potential gales around coastal areas.

Although the UK is generally unprepared, the prospect of waking up on Christmas morning to a blanket of white is appealing to many of us, so the news that we are more likely in for the traditional rain, will be disappointing for those hoping for snow.

On the bright side, however, at least we can rest assured that without snow and ice causing difficult travel conditions, gifts and letters should arrive at our loved ones’ doors safely.

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Unpredictable weather
As we get nearer to the big day, many will be considering utilising same day courier services to ensure our goodies arrive in plenty of time. allaboutfreight.co.uk/same-day-courier-service runs 24 hours a day to get your items delivered safely and even has a range of artic lorries, perfect for battling any unforeseen weather, even on the coldest of days.

Although weather reports don’t seem convinced that snow is imminent, weather behaviour is notoriously unpredictable and even the smallest change over the Atlantic can have a significant impact on the UK’s weather in a few days’ time. Therefore, if you are planning any long distance travel or are hoping to get a gift to a loved one in time for Christmas, make sure you continue to monitor weather forecasts for any unexpected changes.

Although beautiful, snow and ice can have catastrophic repercussions for traffic, as we saw last weekend with crashes, motorway closures and even aborted plane landings reported at Manchester airport.

After record-breaking snow fell earlier this year, the public will be hoping that we are more prepared this December for freezing conditions, and local governments should be stocking up on grit to prevent their constituents getting stuck over the holidays and remaining winter months.

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