CBD Oil: Unregulated Disaster or Medical Breakthrough?


This article will go in depth on all the misconceptions and known scientific facts behind the new craze of CBD oil. First, what is CDB anyways? To fully understand this “drug”, we must first educate ourselves on its basic definition.

Cannabidiol or CBD oil as it’s more popularly known is an extract of the marijuana plant. Contrary to popular belief, the oil does not produce the same effect of being “high” given out by marijuana plant. That feeling is produced by another chemical called THC which is illegal at the time that this article is being written.

Although CBD has shown signs of improving certain illnesses, the extract has come under fire, particularly by those who misunderstand the oil due to its ties to the illegal drug marijuana. With more studies being done on the benefits of CBD oil, 30 states have legalized the use of this drug, however, most of these laws come with very strict guidelines on who can sell it and who qualifies for the legal use.

Short answer, no. CBD oil is highly unregulated by the states and every state has its own policy against it. To break this down in a simpler sense, states which where marijuana is legal will have the presence or a higher dosage of THC. Many believe that producers of this oil from states that make marijuana illegal will produce a very low quality of CBD oil.

The most popular way to take CBD oil is orally. There have been new introductions on the consumption of CBD, from strips, to paste and even vape oil! However, the popular way is a basic consumption of the product through drops. For those not looking forward to any taste, Neoteric Nutra CBD softgels are the best route for you as they are a quick and easy way to digest this chemical.

No claim has come from the proponents of CBD oil of curing any disease, although the relieving benefits have been more than enough to raise support for it. These relieving effects are mainly targeted at neurological illness such as PTSD, insomnia or seizures and studies have been few and far between with the test subjects often being animals. On a promising note, recently the USDA gave a recommendation of the oil to be used on two special kinds of rare child epilepsy seizures where there was enough evidence of the oil producing some sort of effective remedy.

CBD oil is in its infant stages regarding its social acceptance and medical approval, both of which are on very thin ice. The simplest solution for the advancement of CBD is to gather more data on this drug to produce the social approval it needs to be accepted by state lawmakers, thereafter regulating companies to produce the best quality product possible for people in need of relief.

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