Is a maxi dress suitable for work?


Office attire can be a tricky topic. For women, deciding what to wear to work is a minefield that is filled with all kinds of quandaries. Are you scared of looking too formal, afraid of appearing out of touch with trends, or worried that you are dressed too casually or inappropriately?

There is an answer to all these fears and it comes in the form of the maxi dress. It is cool, it is classy, it can be dressed up or down, and it can be worn in summer or winter. Let’s look at why it is the perfect workplace attire and how to style it.

Opt for a higher neckline

Some fashionistas are convinced that tracksuits and trainers are the future of workwear; however, this is still a long way off.

One thing is for sure – necklines and the amount of cleavage shown will always be a consideration when dressing for the office. Choose a dress that is not too revealing and opt for a higher neck rather than a lower one just to be on the safe side.

Choose the right colour

Colour is crucial when dressing for work. If you want to appear smart and stylish, dark tones are best; alternatively, if you prefer to dress on the lighter side, neutrals can work well. A navy maxi dress is a great choice, as is one in grey, white or cream. If you go too bright, you may end up attracting too much attention. The darker or more neutral the colour, the smarter you will look.

Select the right fabric

If you buy a navy maxi dress at AX Paris or from another retailer, ensure you check what type of fabric the dress is made from. Sheer fabrics are not suitable for work and neither are fabrics such as Lycra that are too clingy. Part of the appeal of a maxi dress is its flattering fit and the way it falls, so bear in this in mind when buying for the office.

Steer clear of crazy prints

While leopard print is lovely and Aztec designs may be fun to look at, stick to more muted colours and patterns for work. You should also avoid shiny embellishments or any patterns, include metallics, as these are not really work-appropriate and are more suited to evening wear.

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