5 Things You Should Know About Israel


When listening to the news, it’s not uncommon to hear about Israel. You may be wondering why so much focus is placed on a tiny little country in a very large world, but Israel is an important piece of the Middle East Puzzle. Here are some things you should know about Israel.

  1. The Conflict Between Israel and Palestine Is Complicated

Listen to Gregg Roman YouTube, and you’ll see that the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has been going on for more than a century. It’s an issue the rest of the world has not been able to resolve. Governments all over the world have tried to bring peace between these two groups to no avail.

The Israelis and the Palestinians are two distinct groups of people who don’t want to yield their individual identities. Nor do they want to integrate into each other’s cultures. That’s why solving this issue will be lengthy and challenging.

  1. Understanding Israel Is Important

It’s important to understand Israel and the conflict going on in the Middle East because what affects Israel affects the rest of the world. Israel makes significant contributions to the western nations through scientific and cultural achievements. Israel is also the birthplace of the Jewish and Christian faiths as well as the Muslim religion. This small country helped bring about the best parts of humanity.

  1. Life for Palestinians Is Challenging

Many Palestinians live in poverty and under threat of arrest with a dismal economy and little chance for employment. They have scarce hope for better lives. Violence is a part of their everyday existence. Children must walk a long way to school, and travel is severely restricted. Many of them travel to Israel to find work.

  1. Life Can Be Dangerous for Israelis

Wartime living is an everyday reality for most Israelis. They are constantly having rockets fired on them by neighboring countries such as Syria. Israelis have to deal with people who refuse their right to be a nation, and they have to endure an international media that’s biassed against them. Living in danger is a way of life for Israelis.

  1. Israel Needs Your Prayer and Support

The fact that Israel is a country at all, let alone a country speaking a language that was dead for nearly two thousand years is a miracle. A people who were scattered to every nation on earth has returned to dwell once more in Israel. If Israel hopes to live in peace, that will take an even greater miracle.

Israel needs your prayers and your support. Buy from Israeli businesses and keep informed about what’s going on in the Middle East. Talk to your representatives and write emails to the president. Ask them to deal fairly with Israel.

Israel is a democracy in the Middle East trying to deal with its Palestinian neighbors while struggling to survive. In order to achieve peace, the citizens of Israel will need your support and your fight for the truth along with your prayers.

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