America’s Workplace Environments Are Getting A Facelift


Different revolutions and times in history effect the way we live and work. Americans are undergoing a change in the way they chose to work. From company owners to entice workers to come to work, they have found ways to revamp their workspaces. Many of these company founders get ideas from Thinktanks privacy pod.

Company leaders know that when workers have a work environment that makes them happier it causes them to be more efficient workers. Offices today are becoming modernized. Company leaders have an end goal of creating spaces that allow productivity to flow. Companies that make furniture and designers that work to lay out company headquarters suggest that companies include employee happiness in their plans and not to solely rely on the most cost-effective way of designing an office layout.

A trend that is now being done in many work offices across the United States is to get rid of the traditional cubicles and office spaces filled with clunky desks. Metal dividers are being taken down. Instead, corporate leaders are incorporating an open floor plan for workers. Facebook has the largest open work space in the world. A white slab desk with an office chair is pretty much what workers get at Facebook. There are no dividers or cubicles. Everything is open and public. There is a sense of overall community that can be felt literally as workers sit close to each other.

Corporate leaders have no choice but to change their office layout. The American workforce is changing. Many millennial who have entered the workforce do not get too excited about working from a cubicle. At least one in three Americans in the workforce are millennials. Employers are having to change how they run their office in order to see this demographic apply for jobs.

Fifty six millennials between twenty one and thirty four are currently working or looking to work. But this generation is a bit different than previous ones. Employers have been able to tell and thus are revamping workplaces to accommodate this new demographic. Millennials will take over leadership positions. Because of this they are making sure their counterparts working in other positions have their workplace desires met. Many people in this generation have no problem changing up the traditional way workplace environments have been created. They love diversity and inclusion in terms of the type of co-workers they have and for workplaces.

Overall this change in workplace environments signal something major to businesses around the country. Businesses are seeing a surge of workers who only work when the workplace meets their needs. Since millennials make up such a huge amount of the workforce business are changing their layouts to please these fifty-six million individuals. Another thing businesses are dealing with is how this group of people tend to take a non-traditional route to work. Many of them are freelancers, gig workers or entrepreneurs who have customized their work areas. This only gives businesses another challenge in creating workplaces that meet the millennials likening.

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