Lisa Dudzik Perth Highlights Why the Western AU Capital Is An Ideal Beach and Wildlife Spot


Perth essentially is the largest and the capital city of Western Australia. It is the fourth-most populous city of Australia, and much of its metropolitan area is located on a narrow strip between the Darling Scarp and the Indian Ocean. This region is referred to as the Swan Coastal Plain. Lisa Dudzik is a native Aussie, who is quite well versed with the western AU region.  In her blog, Lisa Dudzik Perth largely talks about the essentials of traveling to the Western AU Capital. Apart from tourism, she also writes about the culture, economy and government of Perth in her blog.

Lisa Dudzik Perth provides the various reasons to visit Perth

Tourism in Perth essentially is an integral part of the economy of Western Australia.  This region attracts many thousands of international visitors every year. According to the blog of Lisa Dudzik Perth, the travel attraction of this region is largely focused on Fremantle, the coast, the city center, as well as the Swan River. She highlights the various key reasons why opting to visit Perth would be a prudent move for travellers.  Here are a few of those reasons:

  • The beaches: Perth is officially the sunniest city of Australia. This city essentially boasts of having more than 19 beaches within an extremely easy reach. Each of these beaches additionally have their own distinct characteristics and features, however all of them boasts of spectacular blue clear water and dazzling white sand. The Cottesloe Beach is known to be the most popular picnicking and swimming spot of the region.  This destination is backed by an incredibly picturesque pavilion, a grassy hillside, as well as Norfolk pines. Here people can easily get an opportunity to spend their entire day swimming, snorkeling and surfing here.  After enjoying these full filled activities, people can subsequently opt to retire to one of the famous restaurants present here while having a glass of Margaret River’s finest in hand. Just to the south of Cottesloe people can find the Leighton Beach. It is a comparatively longer and less crowded beach that is extremely popular with kite surfers.  The platform reef present just offshore here is essentially a home to starfish, sea fans and octopuses.
  • The wildlife: In her blog, of Lisa Dudzik Perth mentions that the capital of western Australia essentially houses a number of nature reserves and parks. Hence, people can always catch a glimpse of wildlife here. While talking a stroll through any of the city parks of Perth, people can essentially find flocks of cockatoos, galahs and colorful rosellas.  There is a nature reserve present in the Heirisson Island where kangaroos roam freely. While at the Penguin Island nearby people can find more than a thousand little penguins, along with stingrays and dolphins.  Animal lovers can also opt to volunteer at Native Animal Rescue, which is located to the north of Perth.

The above two pointers underlines the reasons that makes Perth an ideal travel destination for wildlife and beach lovers.

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