Martin LaMar- Spreading Awareness About Public Housing Programs


Multifamily townhouse in a Midwestern town, USA

Public housing programs are very popular in the USA and they are meant for the elderly, people falling under the low- income group and those that suffer from disabilities. The state and the federal governments have the mission to provide public housing programs to those that are eligible for them. The wish to offer such people a clean, safe and healthy home. These affordable public housing schemes are also open to people that are the victims of natural calamities, public action, domestic violence, medical emergency and veterans in the society who are eligible for such homes.  The homeless must come forward as the government is ready to offer them homes to improve their standards of living and quality of life.

Martin LaMar- Managing the operations of public housing schemes for people 

There are different kinds and sizes of public housing schemes for people in the USA. There are primarily intended for the elderly and those with single families. Martin LaMar is a renowned professional in the field of public housing programs in America. He is the Regional Vice President of McCormack Baron Salazar and has over a decade of experience in the management and operations of public housing schemes. He manages the marketing, finance and budget of projects and advises the Board with his deep knowledge and experience. He says that the public housing schemes have a number of issues and challenges that he and his team address. The main onus here is to maintain quality standards in all metropolitan projects and help people get housing schemes that are affordable and safe.

Mr LaMar says that awareness is required to make people understand the schemes that are available to them. It is here that marketing of affordable public housing schemes has to be done correctly so that the information of these housing schemes reaches the right people who are looking for homes. He says that most people in the low- income category do not have access to computers and so it is here that they should resort to mobile marketing so that people get information on whom to contact and where to apply for public housing schemes. The target is to go to neighborhoods where the number of single homeless people are high. If people are made aware of their eligibility, the can apply to the Executive committee for affordable public housing. Once their applications are approved they receive a letter that confirms they have received the homes.

Martin Lamar says that they have the onus to make the operations streamlined and convenient for people eligible for public housing schemes. There are constantly improving ways of marketing and communication to reach the right people. They want more people to come forward with applications so that they do not have to live under the blade of unhygienic or dirty living conditions anymore. He adds that it is the need of the state and the federal governments to make people aware and generate the need for affordable public housing schemes in USA. This will help them in a large way to get homes easily and start living in clean and healthy conditions!



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