Reasons to Choose Granite Countertops for Your Kitchen


If you are looking for means and ways to design your kitchen, its countertops are essential to consider. Various materials are to be used to make countertops, such as marble, granite, and engineered quartz. These are known to be considerably expensive materials. If you are to look for some cheap materials, then there are materials like wood, vinyl, laminate, etc. Among all the above-described materials, granite is known to be the most preferred and chosen material in this regard.

Once you glance at beautiful granite kitchen countertops, you will want to see more granite kitchen countertops. A question can pop into your mind about why granite is so popular and preferred to be used in kitchen countertops.

Granite indeed has some benefits over other materials. Therefore, you should also choose it. Here are some of the prime reasons why you should go for granite countertops for your kitchen.

It is durable

As countertops are mainly used for preparing or cooking food, this area needs to be durable. Moreover, in some cases, family members may even sit on the countertops to enjoy their food or gossip while cooking. Therefore, so many activities are done on this.

As a result, granite is undoubtedly supposed to be the best material for the countertops as it is super solid and durable. In most of the cases, a granite-made countertop is to last a lifetime. This material just needs some sealing, but once it is done, then it is supposed to resist scratches, stains, and burns. The look and beauty of granite remain intact with some regular maintenance.

Easy resistance and heat resistance

Regarding other materials used in making kitchen countertops, granite is considered relatively easy and efficient to install. The process of installation is known to be fast too. On the other hand, this material happens to have the best heat resistance feature out there.

Granite is known to be having the ability to withstand the heat from pans and other hot subjects in the kitchen. Therefore, it is undoubtedly supposed to be one of the best heat-resistant materials you can use to make your kitchen countertop. Even if you put hot pan or pots on the platform made of granite, it won’t cause any damage to it.

It enhances the value of your home

Using granite as the countertops material enhances the value of your house. Even if you are to sell the house later in the future, you will get more prices if you decide to use granite.

It looks beautiful

If it is about aesthetics and beauty, then you are indeed supposed to choose granite as the material of kitchen countertops. There are other aesthetically beautiful materials available such as engineered granite, but it cannot compete with granite in this department.

The distinct veins and specks of granite make it ultimately attractive and beautiful. Therefore, once you use granite, then you are to get a unique stone slab that makes your kitchen aesthetically impressive and appealing.

Variety of design choices

With granite, you are supposed to get a wide range of various options during the design of your kitchen. There are different color pallets that will be strictly according to your choice and preference. Granite is basically available with a wide range of color and design options that you are less likely to get with other materials.

Granit is generally available in different color pallets such as brown, rose, whites, gray and black, etc. You have the option to choose from any of these colors as per your preference and needs.

Low maintenance

Low maintenance is considered to be another main reason as to why people decide to resort to granite in the making of kitchen countertops. Granite is really supposed to take very low maintenance once it gets sealed professionally.

Once filled, this material is to avoid scratches, stains as well as bacteria growth. The pores found on the surface of this material are entirely natural. Moreover, regular maintenance of granite is relatively easy and efficient. All you need is some mild soap and warm water to wipe it down. This is more than enough to take care of the countertops.

It has good ROI (Return on Investment) 

If you are looking for good ROI on the materials used on the kitchen countertops, then you are supposed to choose granite.  Granite is considered to be one of the most long-lasting materials.

As this material is to last for many years while maintaining its beauty, then you are supposed to get tremendous ROI, to say the least. Even if you plan to sell this kitchen someday, you will get a reasonable price even after years. This cannot necessarily be said about the other materials used in the countertops.

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