Beautiful, Thoughtful Wedding Photography Ideas


Weddings are so exciting! They only happen once in a lifetime (for some) and are a bride and groom’s opportunity to make all their fairytale dreams come true. There are many things to consider in the planning of the wedding: food, guest lists, the bride’s gown, the bridesmaid dresses, location, type of ceremony, flowers, invitations, music, and the bridal shower. A very important part of wedding planning is the photography.

There are so many types of wedding photographers. Some have a journalistic style, and capture intimate, un-staged moments as they happen. Other photographers lean more towards a traditional aesthetic, and like to arrange the wedding party and guests in very precise ways, very much like wedding photography from the 70’s and 80’s. The choice of a wedding photographer all depends on the wedding couple’s personal tastes and preferences.

Wedding photographers‘ jobs have changed right along with photography technology. Gone are the days of carrying rolls of film and frantically popping them into cameras during the day. Now photographers use expensive, high tech digital cameras to capture weddings and other events. They must make sure to have enough battery power to last for a whole long day and night to capture every single special wedding event. Some specialty photographers still choose to shoot film for weddings. These are rarer and can be very expensive.

The subject of pricing can be a sticky one for couples hoping to do their weddings with as little cost as possible. If you include a pre-wedding engagement photo shoot with a professional photographer, the price goes up even higher. A chicago wedding photographer can charge anywhere from $500 to well over $5000 for a wedding day shoot and package.

Finding a wedding photographer is much easier now that people are able to search for photographers online and view their portfolios ahead of time. It is a very competitive market. People have many photographers to choose from and can be very picky.

Each city has its very best places to shoot wedding and engagement photography. Good wedding photographers have scoped out these places well ahead of time, and probably have their favorite spots. Beautiful scenery is key, but that means different things to different people. Some like urban settings with concrete and buildings, and others prefer the countryside with trees and nature. Either way, setting is a very important factor in wedding photography.

After the wedding day the newly married couple can work with their photographer to choose what they would like to do with their images. If the images are digital (and most are) the possibilities for printing them are endless. Many couples choose a special wedding album with their favorite photographs of the day and the planning of their wedding. Some also choose to create individual prints and frame them for themselves and loved ones. Whatever your wedding planning style, photography will do doubt play a large role in your plans. Just make sure to have fun!

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