A Guide to Home Security over the Festive Period


With December bringing such a special time, we may not consider our home’s security as we celebrate with friends and loved ones, shop for presents, switch on our ‘out of office’ email notifications and enjoy the Christmas cheer.

However, Christmas can present many hazards when trying to keep your home secure. Here is our guide to home security over the festive period.

Security Lights

Time spent away from your home at Christmas parties or visiting relatives gives burglars a prime opportunity to target vulnerable and empty homes.

December sees a spike in the rate of break-ins, with the Winter Solstice marking the shortest day of the year on 21st December and light decreasing throughout the winter.

Criminals take advantage of the decreasing daylight, so prevent break-ins by installing wall-mounted flood lights which will illuminate dark spaces around your home. With directional sensors, the light switches on when it detects any unexpected movement outside and is guaranteed to deter any opportunistic burglar from targeting your property.

Light Timers

There are not many indicators of an empty house as obvious as dark windows and doors.

If you leave your home for the evening, switch on the radio, leave the lights on and draw the curtains or blinds to give the appearance that someone is inside.

A timer can also switch lights on and off at times chosen by you, making the home look occupied even if you are away for longer than one evening.

Security and Front Door Locks

Entry point security is one of the most obvious visual methods to deter burglars.

Ensure your windows are secure against break-ins. For windows Dublin has opportunities; contact a company such as https://www.keanewindows.ie/windows-dublin/

Help prevent forced entries by installing up-to-date lock mechanisms on windows and doors, paying close attention to conservatory doors and French windows as these are weak points in the home.

A keyless security lock can outwit intruders, even if the original lock is broken. Also ensure your front door is installed with the highest standard of door lock to protect your home.


For extra security measures and peace of mind, get a CCTV system installed with video recordable footage.

With round-the-clock visuals, you can record any intruder’s face, whilst ensuring that your property is under surveillance when it is most susceptible at night.

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