Instant Response from a Real Estate Agent


Many real estate agents who are new to the business don’t really know what it takes to be successful in this business. They start slow thinking that they might pick up as the houses come flooding into the market. Honestly, it doesn’t work that way. You need to be fast in learning the inventory. The prospects are looking for quick answers from you and not wait for days and months. It doesn’t matter how you inform them about a potential home. Any means of communication is fine as long as the message reaches them. Email, phone calls, fax or voice mail, anything. For instance, when a prospect says,” I’m looking for Austin homes for sale with a view, preferably two-story, five bedroom and an extra office that is next to the living room”, you should be able to find that house instantly. If not the exact house, a similar one that you know is the only one that closely matches the requisite.

This is instant response. The prospect has the need, and you have the house that matches those needs. There should not be any delay in finding the house, scanning the photos or giving out other details. No desperate searching through MLS listing while the client is waiting impatiently. No phone calls requesting that the client see another house instead of the preferred one. Knowing the inventory doesn’t mean figuring out the best way to look up houses in the area or spending an entire day doing ‘house research’. It means learning all about a house before clients ask for it. It means being prepared in the real estate market. With the help of the internet, this is easier to do.

Of course, it is not easy to respond instantly this way. Many agents don’t remember the house and only remember it when the client has finished chanting the entire set of requirements. A real estate agent with this kind of poor memory operates in a defeating way. Only the agents with passion for houses remember the details and stand out in the crowd. This means remembering the exact house when the client asks for a house with designer wallpaper in the bedroom, or when the client wants a house with the view of mountain. This instant response applies to not just the house but other details as well. Where is the house located? What features are available inside and outside? What community does it belong to? What are the amenities nearby? Are the schools at a walkable distance? These are the details you need to have on the tip of your tongue.

The instant response is also about repeating features of a house to all customers showing interest in the house. You need to know the facts and relay it accordingly. Anyone can memorize details, but this is about presenting the facts that can be closely applied to the customer’s requirements and ability to afford. You should also be spontaneous in your reaction, so as to give the impression that you are an expert as an agent.

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