Hot Kitchen Design Trends For 2020


A new year brings with its new forecasts in kitchen design for the coming year. Top d├ęcor experts have already seen what the future holds based on the most recent purchasing trends of homeowners across the country.

When it comes to kitchen design trends for 2020, these are some of the hottest in the industry at the moment. But don’t worry, these trends won’t be going out of style anytime soon. We’ve identified the styles that are bound to endure over time and become classic foundations of interior design for years to come.

From kitchen cabinetry to wall color to the type of materials that are gaining in popularity, these are the trends that are sure to make a splash in the coming year:

Eco-Friendly Materials

With climate change and the destruction of the environment weighing more heavily on the minds of consumers as of late, there has been a steady rise in the demand for sustainability. Kitchen manufacturers have heard them loud and clear, opting to use more ecologically friendly materials and greener manufacturing processes. These adjustments don’t necessarily equal an increase in the price of these products either. This positive direction is being embraced with a wider commitment across the industry and is likely to continue even further.

Gold Accents

For years, brass hardware has been the most popular choice for kitchens. But lately, gold has started to gain a stronger foothold among homeowners who want something a little different than the norm. What makes gold such a great alternative is that you don’t need to re-think the entire design scheme of the kitchen when you introduce this aesthetic to your cabinets. Gold hinges, knobs, and pulls complement other existing metallic finishes that are already installed.

Go Pink

Pink was one of the hot colors of 2019 for kitchens and nothing appears to be slowing its popularity. That’s why experts believe this warm and inviting color will only continue to populate more kitchens, especially where the cabinets are concerned. Pink can provide an edgy, punk-rock aesthetic or a familiar, even old-fashioned appearance depending on the shade you opt to use.

Dark Hues

Another trend that took hold in 2019 and looks to be just as big, if not bigger, in 2020. More kitchens are being done up in dark colors and deeper shades, whether it’s gray kitchen cabinets or dark blue walls or black marble countertops, today’s homeowners are not afraid to embrace their darker sides. But just be careful about how deep and dark you decide to go and make sure you have the window space to pull of this aesthetic successfully.

Easy Access Shelving

More homeowners are opting to put in open shelves over covered cabinets, which provides an open-air feel to the kitchen that allows you to display the items you wish to store. This also gives you easier access to reach these items without the need for opening and shutting doors and drawers. These shelves can be incorporated into the overall design scheme of the kitchen that allows the homeowner to show off more of his or her personal taste.

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