What to Expect from Lockdown Escape Rooms


Lockdown escape rooms first rose to prominence as smartphone apps. Players had to solve intricate puzzles and think outside the box to progress forward. Today, they have made the transition to real life. Japan and China were the first to hose live escape rooms back in 2007, and since then the trend has gained popularity all over the world. In the U.S. alone you can find hundreds of independent little escape rooms offering an immersive and challenging experience. Each of the rooms have a varied theme and overall story. For many it is like being in an actual video game, for others its like playing a part in a real-life movie. Though at their base they are meant to be a form of enjoyable entertainment, many challenges you on an emotional level. This is why in the wake of recent popularity it is important to prepare yourself before entering an escape room situation.

It is Confining

The main tenet of lockdown escape rooms is that you and a partner are trapped in a room. Sometimes the gaming party is made up of more players, but usually it is just two. You will be locked in the room until you figure out how to open it, hence the moniker “escape”. Depending on how challenging the room is you may be confined for quite a while. If you are not comfortable with enclosed spaces this may not be the kind of adventure you want. So, prepare yourself for confinement and remember whether you solve the puzzles or not you will get out one way or another. For most rooms there is a set time limit. Somewhere between thirty to ninety minutes.

There is a Time Limit

As mentioned before most escape rooms have a predetermined time limit. It is usually set somewhere between thirty to ninety minutes. This means you cannot take your time like you would with a phone app. You have to act quickly and try to solve the puzzle as fast as you can. No doddling.

You May Get Emotional

It is quite possible to get stressed out while playing an escape room game. This goes double for the ones with an intriguing story. Players have felt anxiety, fear, happiness, anger, joy, and triumph while playing escape room games. So take a deep breath, relax, and remember it is just a game.

Some are Very Immersive

Escape rooms have a myriad of themes. Many are traditional puzzlers, but some encompass a much broader story. This story is so big it actually follows you out of the room. New mobile escape room games even use VR technology to create a global expanding AR experience. So, prepare yourself for a very interactive experience. Even in traditional puzzlers you cannot just sit there. To find what kind are near you simply look up lockdown rooms Phoenix AZ locals have fun at.

You Will Have to Think

Above all this is a puzzle solving experience. It will challenge your mental capacity and require logic to solve. So be prepared to be challenged. It will be anything but easy.

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